Introducing Verso Super Facial Oil July 02 2015


An elixir so potent and precious it's doled out by the drop. Verso Super Facial Oil possess an almost magical quality. This hydrating oil blends has quietly shifted the Facial Oil  from a cold-weather extra to a season-less essential. It's our favourite potion here at oh yes! - it's remarkably sheer and non-greasy, leaving behind a subtle glow while delivering high-tech actives to your skin.

Among this year’s most exciting new Cosmetic offerings is Verso’s cultish sunflower-based dry oil with line-smoothing retinol—a Vitamin A derivative mixed with Vitamin B3 and polyphenols that’s preserved in sleek spray-top vials to lock out oxygen (which may threaten its potency).

Smoothed on under sunscreen in the morning or applied as a final step before bed to complement night time treatments, Verso Facial oil calms redness, fights free radicals, and restores a healthy sheen. 

Its nothing short of transformative.

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